$0.25 Chicken McNuggets at McDonalds


Stephanie here.

$0.25 Chicken Nuggets? That’s crazy! Where can I get that? Well, unfortunately this is only offered in the states. Much like the cheesecake factory,

20 Chicken Nuggets

marshmallow fluff, and the ever-so-elusive In n Out burger, you can only get this in the good ol’ USA.  This is not a promotion or anything, it’s always on the menu. $5 for 20 chicken nuggets. Mmmm … what a deal! Now with the CAD dollar on par, this is definitely a poorstarvingstudent deal!

I’ve always known about how much cheaper US McDonalds is, so during a recent shopping trip to Seattle Premium Outlets with some friends, we stopped by Walmart to pick up a few things (look for a post about that haha) AND stopped by McDonalds, which was inside Walmart. Killed two birds with one stone! Are we smart or what? Anyway, the Chicken McNuggets, were well, how can you say it? It was yummy but it was probably we were very hungry at that point, and well, for some reason US McDonald food always taste better than Canadian McDonalds. Oh, and another one of my favouite things to get off the dollar menu is the $1 yogurt parfait! Maybe I’ll post about that.

Anyway, I know it’s kinda crazy to post about McDondalds, but hey, those chicken nuggets are a deal!


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