$3.75 or $4.25 Viet Subs at Viet Sub


Inside Viet Sub

Stephanie Here.

This post has been a long time coming. Ever since GP and I discovered it over a year ago, we have been coming to Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine countless times. For a short while, Viet Sub was closed, so GP and I were very sad that is was gone (Cafe S’il Vous Plait anyone?). Fortunately, it had just moved next door on the other side of Japadog, but it turns out, that they also raised their prices too. Oh well, it’s still cheap anyways.

I can say with confidence that this is poorstarvingstudents’ #1 place to eat.  After a long day of studying at Central Library, we would head over to Viet Sub, and sometimes try to sneak the subs into the library.  We’ve been only caught once. Don’t try this kids, the security guards at the library can be very scary.

$4.25 BBQ Subs!

Anway, this time, I brought a few of my friends after we ate a Rodney’s Oyster’s House.This is probably the cheapest & filling meal you can get in the heart of downtown. Viet Sub beats Subway hands down anytime. I’m pretty sure the owners recognize us because we’ve only ordered the subs and nothing else. I’ve try almost every variation, they have meatball, chicken, veggie, cold cutVietnamese ham and veggie sub for $3.75. They also have the BBQ & Special Sub for $4.25. If I’m feeling cheapo, I’ll order the cold cut sub,

but if I’m feeling I can spend a bit more, I’ll order the BBQ sub.

The BBQ Sub is hands down my favourite. The bread is always nice & toasty, while still having the chewy french bread goodness. The pickled

$3.75 Chicken Sub

vegetables are nice & crunchy, and the meats ratio is pretty good. Not skimpy at all, but just enough. I’m not sure whats in the BBQ sub – I think it’s a mixture of BBQ pork, Vietnamese Ham/Bacon, and some shredded chicken, and some of their meatball mixture. What makes Viet Sub stand out from all the other Vietnamese sandwich places, is the special sauce they put on their sandwiches. It’s a bit spicy, but really good! It makes the sub a bit drippy if you don’t eat it the right way, but hands down, Viet Subs at Viet Sub is the best!

PSST: If you eat in, they give you free tea!

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3 Responses to “$3.75 or $4.25 Viet Subs at Viet Sub”

  1. steph! i recently tried a really yummy cheapo viet sub place too. It’s $3.00 and by Victoria drive. It’s called “Thy Coffee Shop” or something… soooo goood!!!! you need to try it 😛 I think it rivals Au Petit Cafe


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