$11.95 All You Can Eat Fish n Chips at Wee Chippie

Hi, Stephanie here.

Wee Chippie. Seriously, that's the name.

While we were driving to the Souljourner’s retreat (my church fellowship) at Camp Luther in Mission, BC, we came across this place called Wee Chippie. No joke. That’s actually the name. With a name like that, we actually turned the car around and drove to eat at this place. We didn’t even know if this place was good or not.

Walking in, we were pleasantly surprised that even at 5pm, there were a good amount of people. This place was not sketch at all! Actually, it felt very homey, and service was excellent. This originally wasn’t going to be a poorstarvingstudent post, but when we saw that All You Can Eat Cod Fish n Chips were 11.95, which included bottomless pop, I decided to post this up.

When the fish n chips arrived, it was HUGE. The beer batter was very tasty, but it was a bit thick. The cod was decent, but I felt it was a tad

Cod Fish n Chips

overcooked.  I did like the fries though. It was pretty generic concession-stand type fries, but nothing wrong with it! I barely managed to finish 3 pieces of fish, so it might have been better to order off the regular menu (2pc fish n chips for $8.95).

Overall, this experience was pretty great. Maybe it was because we kept giggling at the name whilst we were eating.

So if you’re every driving through Mission, BC why not stop at Wee Chippie for a bite to eat, instead of the usual McDonald’s, A&W or Subway. With a name like Wee Chippie (and also great service), this place deserves a visit.


One Comment to “$11.95 All You Can Eat Fish n Chips at Wee Chippie”

  1. wow…all i have to say about this place! 10:00 am and i pull up outside wee chippie ( they don’t open until 11:30 ) & the floors are just discusting!! fries, used napkins, fish under and around many tables! IMO there is no excuse for this! It is a standard closing proceedure and for health concerns…I will never eat in this place…If the floors look like this, right by windows…I can’t emagine what it looks like in tbe back kitchen area… just nasty

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