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May 30, 2011

$0.25 Chicken McNuggets at McDonalds


Stephanie here.

$0.25 Chicken Nuggets? That’s crazy! Where can I get that? Well, unfortunately this is only offered in the states. Much like the cheesecake factory,

20 Chicken Nuggets

marshmallow fluff, and the ever-so-elusive In n Out burger, you can only get this in the good ol’ USA.  This is not a promotion or anything, it’s always on the menu. $5 for 20 chicken nuggets. Mmmm … what a deal! Now with the CAD dollar on par, this is definitely a poorstarvingstudent deal!

I’ve always known about how much cheaper US McDonalds is, so during a recent shopping trip to Seattle Premium Outlets with some friends, we stopped by Walmart to pick up a few things (look for a post about that haha) AND stopped by McDonalds, which was inside Walmart. Killed two birds with one stone! Are we smart or what? Anyway, the Chicken McNuggets, were well, how can you say it? It was yummy but it was probably we were very hungry at that point, and well, for some reason US McDonald food always taste better than Canadian McDonalds. Oh, and another one of my favouite things to get off the dollar menu is the $1 yogurt parfait! Maybe I’ll post about that.

Anyway, I know it’s kinda crazy to post about McDondalds, but hey, those chicken nuggets are a deal!

May 28, 2011

$3.75 or $4.25 Viet Subs at Viet Sub


Inside Viet Sub

Stephanie Here.

This post has been a long time coming. Ever since GP and I discovered it over a year ago, we have been coming to Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine countless times. For a short while, Viet Sub was closed, so GP and I were very sad that is was gone (Cafe S’il Vous Plait anyone?). Fortunately, it had just moved next door on the other side of Japadog, but it turns out, that they also raised their prices too. Oh well, it’s still cheap anyways.

I can say with confidence that this is poorstarvingstudents’ #1 place to eat.  After a long day of studying at Central Library, we would head over to Viet Sub, and sometimes try to sneak the subs into the library.  We’ve been only caught once. Don’t try this kids, the security guards at the library can be very scary.

$4.25 BBQ Subs!

Anway, this time, I brought a few of my friends after we ate a Rodney’s Oyster’s House.This is probably the cheapest & filling meal you can get in the heart of downtown. Viet Sub beats Subway hands down anytime. I’m pretty sure the owners recognize us because we’ve only ordered the subs and nothing else. I’ve try almost every variation, they have meatball, chicken, veggie, cold cutVietnamese ham and veggie sub for $3.75. They also have the BBQ & Special Sub for $4.25. If I’m feeling cheapo, I’ll order the cold cut sub,

but if I’m feeling I can spend a bit more, I’ll order the BBQ sub.

The BBQ Sub is hands down my favourite. The bread is always nice & toasty, while still having the chewy french bread goodness. The pickled

$3.75 Chicken Sub

vegetables are nice & crunchy, and the meats ratio is pretty good. Not skimpy at all, but just enough. I’m not sure whats in the BBQ sub – I think it’s a mixture of BBQ pork, Vietnamese Ham/Bacon, and some shredded chicken, and some of their meatball mixture. What makes Viet Sub stand out from all the other Vietnamese sandwich places, is the special sauce they put on their sandwiches. It’s a bit spicy, but really good! It makes the sub a bit drippy if you don’t eat it the right way, but hands down, Viet Subs at Viet Sub is the best!

PSST: If you eat in, they give you free tea!

Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine on Urbanspoon


May 26, 2011

$11.95 All You Can Eat Fish n Chips at Wee Chippie

Hi, Stephanie here.

Wee Chippie. Seriously, that's the name.

While we were driving to the Souljourner’s retreat (my church fellowship) at Camp Luther in Mission, BC, we came across this place called Wee Chippie. No joke. That’s actually the name. With a name like that, we actually turned the car around and drove to eat at this place. We didn’t even know if this place was good or not.

Walking in, we were pleasantly surprised that even at 5pm, there were a good amount of people. This place was not sketch at all! Actually, it felt very homey, and service was excellent. This originally wasn’t going to be a poorstarvingstudent post, but when we saw that All You Can Eat Cod Fish n Chips were 11.95, which included bottomless pop, I decided to post this up.

When the fish n chips arrived, it was HUGE. The beer batter was very tasty, but it was a bit thick. The cod was decent, but I felt it was a tad

Cod Fish n Chips

overcooked.  I did like the fries though. It was pretty generic concession-stand type fries, but nothing wrong with it! I barely managed to finish 3 pieces of fish, so it might have been better to order off the regular menu (2pc fish n chips for $8.95).

Overall, this experience was pretty great. Maybe it was because we kept giggling at the name whilst we were eating.

So if you’re every driving through Mission, BC why not stop at Wee Chippie for a bite to eat, instead of the usual McDonald’s, A&W or Subway. With a name like Wee Chippie (and also great service), this place deserves a visit.

May 13, 2011

Your World Your Vision Celebration Dinner @ Milestones

Hi Everyone.

Stephanie here!

Community Composters and Ernst & Young!

Recently I had a celebration dinner with some people from Ernst & Young to celebrate my team’s (Community Composters!) success with the Your World Your Vision Competition. I also blogged about the YWYV competition in more detail here! Ernst & Young’s Your World Your Vision Competition 2011.

Unfortunately we didn’t win the top prize of $10,000 but we did however get to eat dinner at Milestones on Robson St. with our Ernst & Young’s competition  advisors and some other great people from Ernst & Young!

Creole Papardelle!

Now about the food! I’ve been to Milestones before and yes, it is a chain restaurant so there were some expectations. Generally, if food is executed well, ingredients are fresh and the service is more than acceptable, I don’t really care if it is a chain restaurant or a one-one-its-own restaurant.

We ordered a lot of dishes, but I only ate what was on my plate, and tried a few of the appetizers.  That being said, I can only really comment on the creole papardelle. The pasta was al dente, but I would say the flavour of the pasta sauce was a bit one-dimensional, and I felt it should have been more spicy, if it was creole.   It was good, but not outstanding. I’m a bit biased when I say this, but I think my mom can make the same thing.

For other’s I can say that I was really impressed with the presentation (especially the ravioli)! I’ve been to Milestones before and the presentation wasn’t as good as the last time when I went.

There are lots of pictures, so get ready!!! I’m not too sure of the exact names of what everyone ordered, so here are the pictures just for enjoyment!
Milestones Grill and Bar (Robson) on Urbanspoon

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