$0.87 Arizona Iced Tea

Stephanie here.

87 cents Arizona Iced Tea

I went grocery shopping with my dad the other day, and I saw this on sale! Usually Arizona Iced Tea is cheap enough being 99 cents (as you can see on the packaging) but I went to Superstore at Metrotown yesterday and saw that is was 87 cents! What a deal! I wish there were more flavours (they have green tea, apple green tea, fruit punch and raspberry and lemon iced tea flavours). They’re not too sweet and quite refreshing. I love them, but I never can finish a can in one setting so usually I split with somebody, when I’m eating a meal, or save it for the next.

Usually you have to pay $1-1.50 for a can of pop but Arizona is much bigger and it’s ALWAYS 99 cents, wherever you buy it. Anywhere but UBC. LOL.  I wish they would sell these at UBC, but then everybody would buy this, and then overpriced drink vending machines would go out of business.

As a poorstarvingstudent, I think this is the cheapo number 1 beverage of choice!


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