$2 Bubble Tea – Green Leaf Natural Food

Stephanie here.

$2 Bubble Tea. You heard me. That’s right. 2 dollars.

$2.50 Bubble Tea w/ Pearls. INCLUDING TAX.

Green Leaf Natural Food on Fraser & 41st sells 16oz. Bubble Tea for only $2. INCLUDING TAX. (Extra 50 cents for pearls) With Bubble Tea usually around the $4 range and and some places charging more $5-$6 for bubble tea, this bubble tea is a steal. This is probably the cheapest bubble tea in Vancouver. It’s also right across from John Oliver Secondary, so I can imagine it’s pretty packed around lunch time with all the high school kids. It’s open pretty late though, if you want to get your bubble tea fix! Until 11pm I think!

Every time I’ve visited, it’s usually only one guy at the counter, and it might mean a bit of waiting once it gets busy, but it’s totally worth it!

For $2 bubble tea, you’re probably thinking that it’s the cheap powdered type of bubble tea, but this place serves up FRESH FRUIT bubble tea (including the powdered stuff!). Not only does Green Leaf serve fresh fruit, but real ICE CREAM bubble tea. How can you beat that? The bubble tea here is AWESOME. I’ve tried mocha, taro, black raspberry, hedgehog, lychee ice cream bubble tea. THEY ARE ALL AWESOME. There’s actually a lot of flavours (ice cream, fresh fruit, slush, powder etc.), and they even offer hot bubble tea! (though not as cheap) Seriously, if you are looking for a tasty thirst quencher the price of a slurpee, go to Green Leaf Natural Food!

Usually in the summer, they only offer around 3 of their flavours for $2, but in the wintertime and spring, they have all of their flavours for $2.

Inside the Green Leaf Natural Food

Even as I’m writing this, I’m craving their bubble tea! Oh, and the guy behind the counter is really nice! Sometimes, he’ll give you an extra cup of bubble tea slush if he has some left over from making the bubble tea!
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3 Comments to “$2 Bubble Tea – Green Leaf Natural Food”

  1. I LOVE this place! I almost always get green tea ice cream with pearls.

    Let’s go (again) when exams are over with :)!

  2. what time does it openn??

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