50 Cent Pizza at… well; Great Pizza!

You heard me right.

GP here. With my first post on my own! I’m actually really proud, because this is probably the cheapest deal that has ever been posted on this blog. I would even go so far to say that it is one of the cheapest deals in the Lower Mainland without going to your parents’ place for dinner.

Here’s the gist of it:

Great Pizza on the corner of 72nd Ave. and 126th St. in Surrey has a daily special: 50 cents for one slice of pizza or one can of soda. I couldn’t believe it either; this was a special that only started this year! I’m currently in my last semester at Kwantlen, and this place is pretty famous around campus for serving out a quick and cheap ‘pick me up’ for those long five hour gaps between classes (courtesy of Kwantlen’s genius schedules).

They have an assortment of different types of full size pizzas, but for the 50 cent slices, you can only choose from one of four or five:

  • Plain Cheese
  • Pepperoni
  • Ham & Pineapple
  • Veggie
  • Chicken

My favorites are the Veggie, Chicken and Ham & Pineapple. The Chicken pizza tastes vaguely of Halal meat ala Babylon Cafe, but on a pizza! Also, the Ham & Pineapple is really cheesy (if you’re into that).

As for slice size, it really varies depending on the people who are preparing the pizzas. On certain days that I have gone, I’ve had slices the size of Uncle Fatih’s, and on other days they were rather small. But at 50 cents/slice, who cares?


As far as taste goes, the place does not make terrible pizza; but definitely not the best I have had in the Lower Mainland. Uncle Fatih’s on Broadway and Romano’s on Granville St. are still my favorites. But once again: we’re talking 50 cents a slice.

A can of pop is also 50 cents as well! You can get a decently-sized filling meal or snack for one dollar!

However, as cheap as the food here is; there are some drawbacks.

First of all, it’s in Surrey.

Second of all, it’s in Surrey.

Thirdly, if you can’t stand the smell of grease and the somewhat run-down look of the place… you might get turned off from this place easily.

Fourth: it’s in Surrey.


Good for Kwantlen students and anyone who happens to be in the area at the time! The place is located in a mall on 72nd Ave, Right across the Street from Kwantlen. I unfortunately don’t have any photos of the place, or the food… but I will definitely upload some when I have the chance! It’s located in the mini mall right across the street from the KSA. There should be a sign outside advertising the 50 cents/slice deal.

PSST: The 50 cents/slice deal is only on until 5pm on weekdays! Also, don’t go during 11:30am-12:30pm, since this is when the highschoolers have their lunch break. It’s always packed around this time.

PSST 2: There is a limit! I believe they have increased it so that they will only let you buy five slices. But the slices are reasonably sized, so even if you have a large appetite, you will be satisfied.

For price, this place scores 5/5. You won’t find anything cheaper in this area.

As far as taste goes, I have to give it a 2.5/5; not the greatest pizza I’ve tasted, but come on people… it’s 50 cents.

Great Pizza Company on Urbanspoon


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