$1.50 Hot Baked Items – The Delly (UBC)

$1.50 Sausage Roll

Hi Everyone,

Stephanie here.  In an earlier post, I mentioned that The Delly at the UBC Student Union Building cuts the prices of all its offerings by 50%! This only happens after 3pm on Fridays. There is usually a long line-up for food, and people do buy a lot, so best to get there around 3-4pm. Usually by 6pm, there’s nothing left.  Almost all of its hot items (samosas, wraps, panzarottis, sausage roll) are priced at $1.50.  With $2 soup and a $1.50 decently sized baked item, I could a a meal for $3.50!  Including tax. THIS IS PROBABLY THE CHEAPEST MEAL YOU CAN GET ON CAMPUS.  After a tiring day of classes, I ordered a spinach & cheese baked pastry and a

$1.50 Spinach & Cheese Phyllo

sausage roll. The spinach & cheese had a good amount of filling, and tasted pretty good! It wasn’t bland, and had a good amount of flavour, and was the phyllo was really flaky so I was satisfied.  the sausage roll, however, wasn’t as good. It was quite lukewarm and bland, and the ground beef tasted pretty hard & chewy. Next time, I’ll just stick with the spinach & cheese.

If you’re at UBC on a Friday, and looking for something cheap, poorstarvingstudents recommends half-priced items at The Delly!
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