$2 Large Chicken Curry Soup – The Delly (UBC Sub)

Hey Everyone,

Stephanie here.

Everyday, right at 3pm. The Delly at the UBC Sub (Student Union Building) cuts

$2 Large Curry Chicken Soup

the prices of all of its soups (The soup changes everyday too!), from $4 to $2, for it’s large soups. Including tax. SO CHEAP.

Out of all the soups I’ve tried so far (Vegetable, Goulash, Belgian Beef, Lentil), I like the Chicken Curry Soup the best. It’s full of flavour, but one thing I don’t like about it, is that the soups are always skimpy on the meat.


Get rice from the Moon, and have it with the soup. It’s like curry on rice! Or, just grab a lot of crackers to make it just as filling

On Fridays, after 3pm EVERYTHING at The Delly is 1/2 price! (Post coming later soon)
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