Gyudon Ya ($4.95 Japanese Beef Bowl)

Stephanie here.

I’d thought I’d go back to the original format of my posts and comment about some restaurants, that poorstarvingstudents have

$4.95 Beef Bowl


After a tiring day attending a CGA infomation session at the central library downtown, my friends and I came across, Gyudon Ya. Originally we were going to visit Viet Sub (for $3.50 Viet Subs!), but it was closed. Apparently, they are opening up again soon? We were definitely attracted to the sign advertising $4.95 Beef Bowl.  Effective for a poorstarvingstudent? Yes I think so.

Gyudon Ya is a Japanese establishment serving quite a small menu of rice bowls and some Japanese appetizers (gyoza etc.).

For $4.95, the beef bowl was an adequate serving, enough to just fill me up. It wasn’t spectacular, but it wasn’t bad. It was just good. Something I could cook at home.

Beef Short Rib Bowl

The rice wasn’t too mushy, there was enough beef (very thinly sliced), onions were good.  Flavour was there & worked. I added a lot of japanese spicy seasoning to liven it up.

For the price tag, I would definitely consider coming back, for something homey & filling.

The Bill

PSST: If all you have is a $5 bill and some change when you’re in downtown. Head on over to Gyudon Ya!
Gyudon Ya on Urbanspoon


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