$4 Giant Donut (Lee’s Donuts) – Granville Island

Hey Everyone,

Stephanie here. This will be a very short post:

Raspberry-filled donut

Lee’s Donuts is located on Granville Island in the marketplace. Lee’s donuts are sooooo good! I always get their honey dip. Lee’s donuts are freshly made, and extremely soft and fluffy on the inside. (Sorry, I ate it before I could take a picture) My cousins from Calgary were in town, and we decided to pay a visit to Granville Island! Also shown here is the H-U-G-E donut (filled with raspberry jam) that we bought. It’s basically the same as the honey dip, but bigger than the size of my head! Enjoy! It’s around $4-5! Perfect for a poorstarvingstudent sugar craving.
Lee's Donuts on Urbanspoon


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