Bella Gelateria – Twitter Gelato Master

Hey Everyone,

I thought I just take a moment to recognize the effective use of social media in the foodie world, by taking a look at Bella Gelateria. Bella Gelateria is an amazing gelato shop,  seving truly amazing gelato near the Waterfront station downtown.  (I’ve been to Italy before, and his gelato is quite comparable, if not better than the ones in Italy).

What’s more intriguing is that James, the “gelato-master” and owner of Bella Gelateria tweets almost non-stop about his new, original gelato flavour creations. What I like about his tweets, is that his passion for gelato truly shows.

I’ve noticed that tweets by other confectionary shops are mostly plug-ins for vaious promotions & special prices of their products. While these tweets are informative, they get lost in the way of what I think Twitter,  can communicate to followers on a personal level.  In my opinion, the authenticity, the drive of the company can establish a more meaningful connections with its followers.

Here are some example’s of James’ tweets:

Apple sorbetto in mixer – just hand peeled 45 Nova Scotia Gravenstein apples – love the Arc of Taste movement in Italy – 8 hours ago

Good morning Vancouver & beyond – Spring is here so taking a few minutes to enjoy the day before peeling mangos – 10 hours ago

Chocoholics beware – making a batch of DARK DANGEROUS & Naughty 85% Noir Chocolate gelato – a hit you will not forget!!! – Mar 20

It’s easy to see how gelato is so special to James. Notice how he doesn’t elaborate on anything but the gelato. No plug-ins of promotions or anything, yet it still communicates value to the consumer, because it’s that much more personal.

Effective social media? Yes, I think so.

******In the future, I would love to see James have a blog outlining his day making gelato. From picking the ingredients by hand, to churning the gelato and selling it on display. I would definitely read that!
Bella Gelateria: Old-World Handcrafted Gelato on Urbanspoon


2 Responses to “Bella Gelateria – Twitter Gelato Master”

  1. Bella gelateria forever! Thanks James for your Gelato’s style! We trust you!


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