Dear Subway $5 Footlong, meet $3 Vietnamese Sub

Hey Everyone,

It’s back to foodie-time. One of my all-time favorite snacks is the Vietnamese Sub. Now what is a Vietnamese Sub, you may ask? Well it is a sandwich with these following components

1. A fresh, crunchy French baguette
2. Pate
3. Shredded pickled vegetables (usually daikon, carrots & cucumber)
4. Various Vietnamese deli meats
5. Mayo-butter
6. Maggi Sauce (Fish Sauce)
7. Cilantro

If you haven’t tried a Vietnamese Sandwich, I suggest you go try one! This Asian sandwich combines the most simple ingredients to create amazing myriad of flavours & textures.  You can get Vietnamese subs at some pho restaurants or Vietnamese delis. I suggest Ba Le or Tung Hing Bakery both located on Kingsway.

The reason why I am comparing Subway’s $5 footlong promotion, is because everyone says that it is so cheap and great value. To some extent, I agree because $5 can barely buy a full & satisfying lunch.

$5 Footlong ... not that great of a deal

However, these Viet Subs usually cost as little as $2.50 -$3.50 (incl. tax!) and they taste fresher, different and are just as filling as a subway footlong.

So dear Subway, meet Vietnamese Sub. Meet  non-processed, freshly-prepared, non-chain produced, authentic sandwich for almost half your price.

In terms of pricing strategies in terms of competitors (Ch. 13!), Subway better watch out if Vietnamese Sandwiches becomes just as popular and well-known as Subway Sandwiches.


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