Part 1 of 2: A blog rating another blog

One of my favorite foodie blogs are &

I’ve been hooked on reading for about over a year now, and I think I’ll explain how communicates so much value (markets) its blog to a reader like me.

Sherman’s blog is number 1 on Urbanspoon’s Vancouver blog leader board, and I think the reason for this is how he markets his posts and positions his blog as a place to find reliable restaurant reviews.

Sherman updates his blog consistently often. Unlike some local blogs that post every couple of days, Sherman never disappoints his readers by ensuring that there is a brand new post everyday.

Sherman has a personal touch. I notice that every post he starts with he reveals a little bit about his daily life and doesn’t dive straight into rating food. His personal connection to the world attracts loyal readers (such as myself!)

Sherman’s actual content is reliable trustworthy. I don’t know about you, but I hate it when people post comments about an experience they had at a restaurant, but I know for a fact, that they restaurant is completely different. I’ve tried a number of restaurants that Sherman has blogged about, and each of my experience has been consistent with Sherman’s even down to the specific dishes of the restaurant.

Sherman’s posts are brief, yet clear, not long-winded, the pictures are just the right size.  In terms of marketing, I think Sherman has it down pretty well.


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