Food Brogs vs. Those Comments on Urbanspoon

How do you evaluate a potential restaurant to eat at?

Ask a friend? Look Online? Take your chances and just go eat there? In marketing, word of mouth is the most effective way.

When you’re browsing for a place to eat online, using websites such as Urbanspoon Vancouver or Yelp, how many of you read reviews of customers who have eaten there? Do any of you read “foodie blogs”? (Comment if you do!)

One concept of social media that is becoming increasingly popular is to evaluate restaurants by blogging in detail about the restaurant. It’s like talking to a friend about his/her experience at a restaurant. Take for example and In my opinion they are 2 of the best food blogs in Vancouver for evaluating potential restaurants. In my next two posts, I’ll evaluate why these two blogs are so popular.

But for now, I’ll discuss why restaurant reviews by customers just aren’t cutting it for some people, while foodie blogs by local Vancouver foodies are meeting reader’s needs.

Customer’s reviews sometimes can be inconsistent, inaccurate, and have no substantial information to offer. If you’re looking for a good place to eat, you want to find reliable information. Frankly, since it’s so easy to post a comment, people can post whatever they want and it will go through.

Foodie blogs include a lot more detail, such as pictures of the restaurant setting, the menu, as well as close-up pictures of every food. Sometimes, food blogs give prices, and rate the overall service and food. Most food blogs are pretty reputable for the quality of their ratings. Foodie bloggers are real people who know what they are talking about, but they don’t have the air of a restaurant food critic from a pretentious food magazine.

In my opinion, food blogs are becoming a powerful marketing tool for restaurants that is becoming just as powerful as word of mouth. Reading a food blog is like talking to a friend – a friend that has a detailed memory of every restaurant visited in Vancouver, and gives reliable recommendations.


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