This is why you’re fat.

The website is a website dedicated to showcasing obscene, heart-attack inducin


g pictures of food. Deep-fried oreos, bacon cheeseburgers sandwiched in between pieces of fried chicken and chocolate-covered bacon are some of the real food creations, which can be submitted by anyone on the internet.

Images taken from

According to the New York Daily News, has generated over 10 million views since 2009, and each photo generates anywhere from 10-100 user comments. The founder of the website, Richard Blakeley calls his website a collection of “junk-food porn”. His website has become so popular that Richard Blakely is now selling a book based on this “junk-food porn” called “This is why you’re fat. Where dreams become heart attacks.”

In my opinion, is clear example of shoc


k-value marketing. As repulsive & horrifying you might find these photos, you can’t help but click on the link and browse through the website for other shocking photos. The title is shocking, the pictures are shocking. First-time visitors to the website can’t help but remember how crazy (bacon spam footballs anyone?) these photos are and people can’t help but share this ridiculous website with their friends or the rest of the world.


For me, I couldn’t help but blog about it. thisiswhyyou

rfat = shock-value marketing.



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