Joyeaux Cafe

You place your order up front, and receive a number card for your food

Around 12 noon. The place was jam packed. Line up went out the door.

Mango Milkshake $5. 5/5. Awesome. It was like drinking fresh pureed mangoes.

Lemon-grass Chicken $8. 4/5. Good overall, rice was a bit mushy. Chicken was moist & flavourful, but a bit stringy.

Beef Ball & Rare Steak Pho. Good, not the best. Anything hot on a rainy Vancouver day is good.

Lemon-grass Chicken on Vermicelli.

Banh Mi. $4 A bit pricier than normal subs, but a good snack.

Stephanie here.

Where am I?
Joyeaux Cafe

Joyeaux Cafe is an establishment in the heart of downtown (right across from Pacific Centre) specializing in Vietnamese cuisine.  Though they have your typical pho & lemongrass chicken, they do offer items such as fresh tropical fruit milkshakes (durian!), and I noticed some western breakfast items on their menu as well.  This restaurant is rated pretty highly on urbanspoon, and it’s easy to see why.  This place serves good-tasting,  fresh food at cheap prices (for a downtown restaurant), great service,  and it’s a 2 minute walk outside your office if you work downtown. Furthermore, it’s the only Vietnamese joint in downtown, and who doesn’t love hot pho on rainy Vancouver day? When I visited with a group of my classmates, this place was jam packed with people lining up out the door. However the food came out surprisingly quick, given that it was the lunch rush. There is not a lot of space in the restaurant, so people are either sharing tables or eating crammed together.    With the high cost of rent, being located in the downtown core, you’d think that Joyeaux Cafe is crazy charging such reasonable prices for quite large portions of food (you pay up front first, so you don’t even have to pay for tip!), but the secret here is the high turnover of tables. Tables are turned extremely fast, as people eat a quick lunch and then go back to work or have take-out.   Joyeaux Cafe isn’t really catered to the tourist crowd, but relies on regulars (downtown workers) to eat there everyday.

So how does my experience at Joyeaux Cafe relate to marketing? Well I’d say Joyeaux Cafe has done a pretty good job of covering the 4P’s

Product: Fresh (Asian), decent food =Mmmmm.. good
Price: A meal under $10 = AWESOME
Place: Downtown =  Packed but convenient!
Promotion: Word of mouth is powerful = Was recommended this place by some E&Y associates.

House Special Pho

It’s not a surprise that this place is always busy while the cafe next door is almost empty.  As a poorstarvingstudent, I’d recommend this place; for the price of a Japadog, you can get pretty much an entire meal at Joyeaux Cafe. Enough said.
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3 Comments to “Joyeaux Cafe”

  1. AGREED. Decent pho, decent price, in downtown, what more to ask for?
    Let’s go again sometime !

  2. oh my goodness… worked downtown for 2+ years and never came across this lil gem… will try for sure… 😀

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