3.99 Breakfast Sharis Restaurant

Hey Everyone!

Stephanie here.

Since I ended school at the end of April, my parents and I decided to drive down to Seattle Premium Outlets for a shopping trip.  The day before, I introduced my parents to my blog, and I guess it got my dad in the mood for some cheap eats because he looked up Sharis Restaurant (Totem Lake) online advertising 3.99 Breakfast Special and decided that’s where we would go for breakfast. Now wait a minute. Doesn’t Yummy Sushi have a cheaper breakfast special for 2.99? Read my previous post: Yummy Sushi 2.99 Breakfast Yes, but I wanted to see if Sharis breakfast was any better. Maybe Sharis had more items in their special? Nope, I was WRONG.

3.99 Sunrise Starter: 1 bacon | 1 sausage | 1 egg | small heapin’ of hasbrowns | 1 piece of toast (cut in half to make it fill up empty spaces on the plate)
Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of the breakfast special. It looked really small when it came out. Nothing like the picture (top item in menu). It was kinda the same contrast as seeing those EasyBake Oven pictures of all the wonderful stuff you can make,but in reality, the EasyBake food will come out the size of a coaster.

4.49 Pancake Breakfast: two buttermilk pancakes | 1 egg | 1 sausage | 1 bacon
At least the pancakes were bigish. Yummy Sushi is way better. Yummy Sushi’s breakfast  owns this breakfast. (5 bacon strips or sausages | 2 eggs | a huge heapin’ of hashbrown | 2 pieces of toast for 2.99)

6.79 Cinnamon French Toast: french toast | pecans | 2 litres of caramel sauce | whipped cream A sugar explosion. Way too sweet for me. It was drenched in caramel sauce so much that parts of the toast stuck to the plate. Tasted like an eggy caramel cake.

Now why did I title French toast  as a ripoff? 2 reasons:
1) We later ate at Lido Restaurant. They had a dinner special for 6.75 that included choice of soup, bread, 1-item entree, and coffee. This french toast cost more than my dinner set.

2) You can get four pieces of french toast for 2.99 at Yummy Sushi. Enough said.

But for a chain restaurant, it’s what you expect. I’m sure IHOP is exactly like Sharis, in terms of what they offer and their prices.

Sharis Restaurant
Somewhere in Washington surrounded by highways and strip mall stores

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