Lido Restaurant $6.75 Dinner

Hey Everyone!

Stephanie here. Again.

GP and I tried this restaurant before with a couple of other friends.  We had trouble before ordering because the menus were all in Chinese and the server didn’t speak much English and we didn’t speak Chinese.  Thankfully that time, we had our well-cultured friend, Kim to help us order and translate. Anyways,  Lido Restaurant is a Hong Kong Style Cafe, which means I almost always order something Caucasian because I’m not really into Chinese food (Even though I’m Chinese lol!).

$6.75  Dinner Set Menu 1-item: Chinese soup or Russian Bortch | garlic toast or bun | choose-your-own-item: chicken steak | spaghetti or rice or fries | coffee or tea
I always choose the chicken steak. No matter which Hong Kong style cafe I go to, the chicken is always moist and the skin is crispy.

The Chinese soup was tasty. Brothy and flavourful, like the way my grandma makes soup. The Russion bortch was surprisingly very good (according to my mom)! Garlic toast was garlic toast. Nothing special. The coffee was watery though. I’ve had better Hong Kong Style Coffee.

Overall, it wasn’t the best food in the world and it was just decent, but it was a darn good deal for filling up an empty stomach! Wow, I sound so much like a poor starving student. Well, that’s life I guess.

*If you spend over $16 on the entire bill, you get to take home a free dessert item! (We took home red bean cake, but apparently there were also dumplings and spareribs available as well)
*Cash only

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