La Grotta Del Formaggio $5.00 Deli Sandwich

Hey Everyone!

Stephanie here.

So whenever my mom and I go to Little Italy (Commercial Dr. area), we must always stop by 2 places:  Santa Barbara Market & La Grotta Del Formaggio.   Santa Barbara Market is one of the best grocery stores to buy fresh, local produce in my opinion (especially deli meats & cheeses). It’s very much like the produce at Granville Island Public Market.  Anyways, La Grotta Del Formaggio is a deli/sandwich shop that makes hands-down one of the tastiest grilled sandwiches in East Van.  And for $5.00 for a small your-choice-of-meat sandwich, poorstarvingstudent thinks it’s definitely worth it.

$5.00 Small Bun Deli Sandwich: white bun | olive oil & balsamic vinegar | your-choice-of-meat: turkey | provolone cheese | marinated artichoke | roasted red pepper | red onion | lettuce & tomato
Making the sandwich … they also have hot peppers, marinated eggplant, olives, pickles etc.
Eating the sandwich at home … looks kinda small, but quite filling!

The thing I like best about La Grotta Del Formaggio’s sandwiches is that 1) they don’t skimp out on the ingredients 2) they use more than the run-of-the-mill sandwich stuff 3) It’s cheap AND fresh! Hence, poorstarvingstudent is happy 😀

*The sandwiches also come in sub, half focaccia & whole focaccia. The whole focaccia is huge! It’s $11.50 I think.

And later that day, I was craving another sandwich so I made my own sandwich from the deli meats we bought at Santa Barbara Market. I think it was a 1.69/100g for the turkey and &2.49/100g for the gouda.

My Homemade Santa Barbara Sandwich: crusty bun| hickory smoked turkey | smoked gouda | lettuce | slices of apple
Apple in sandwich? Yes I know, it’s unusual, but I liked it. It tasted quite good with the gouda. You should try it!
La Grotta Del Formaggio on Urbanspoon


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