$6.50 Suga Sushi @ UBC Village

Hello Everyone!

Stephanie here.

So I met up with a friend at UBC (that’s where I also go to school) and we ended up eating at Suga Sushi for dinner.  It’s  conveniently located in the UBC village (upstairs, right above McDonalds) , so perfect for a poor starving student like me.

$5.00 Okonomiyaki: japanese pancake | I’m not too sure what was in it. Cabbage for sure. Wikipedia has the description: Okonomiyaki

Really yummy! Will order it again. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. The seaweed/mayo/sweet sauce on top made it just right. It’s a hearty snack, but not enough for a meal.
**the okonomiyaki is not on the menu so you have to ask for it.

$6.50 Oyako Don: pieces of chicken | egg | carmelized onions | sweet sauce | rice in a bowl

Pretty good! Chicken wasn’t dry, moist actually. Good chicken-egg-rice-sauce ratio. Homey and simple. Prettt large portion. Definitely enough for a full meal.

PSST (poor starving students tips):
*If you order take-out it’s 10% off.

So the next time I’m studying late for finals, I’m definitely getting some cheap eats at Suga Sushi.  Beats Mcdonalds anytime. Less expensive and better value than Well Tea (Vancouver) and also a bit better food than One More Sushi in terms of decent Asian food.  Suga sushi serves Korean food as well.   And surprisingly, it was not run by university students!
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