Yummy Sushi 2.99 Breakfast

Hi Everyone!

Stephanie here.

So GP called me up to go to Yummy Sushi where we found out that it had a full breakfast special for only 2.99! (We actually found it beforehand on cheap appetite, oh well, we’ve wanted to try it out ever since finals were over) Yep, we’re poor starving students and this seemed right up our alley.

Breakfast Special: 5 bacon strips or sausages | 2 eggs | a huge heapin’ of hashbrowns | 2 pieces of toast |

*And for $1 extra you get coffee or hot chocolate

Quality of food? Excellent! The food came up really fast (Well, we were the only ones in the place) and service was excellent as well. I’ve been here before, and I’m pretty sure this place is run by a Cantonese couple. Like a mom and pop restaurant.

Oddly enough, with a name like yummy sushi you’d think we would order sushi, but the best thing on their menu is their breakfast specials. We also saw a sign advertising 3.99 for a bacon cheeseburger special.

Our bill came up to $8.28 (we both ordered hot chocolate) and each paid $5. Not bad, considering it was a lot of food.  GP said he liked Bon’s off Broadway better, but I don’t know. This place is pretty good.

Here’s a google map street view!
Yummy Sushi Street View


Monday 10 – 6
Tuesday to Friday 9 – 6,
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 10 – 6
Yummy Sushi on Urbanspoon


3 Responses to “Yummy Sushi 2.99 Breakfast”

  1. Hey Stephanie, congrats on your first post! Yummy Sushi is a great place for cheap breakfast. Bonn’s is also good, but you have to wait a long time for food and sometimes for tables. Yummy Sushi owner is also very friendly too.

  2. Hey Cheap Appetite,

    Thanks for your input! Yea I agree, Yummy Sushi is one of the cheapest places around. Almost every other all-day breakfast places are more expensive or offer less breakfast food for the same price. And agreed: the owner at Yummy Sushi are indeed very nice. 🙂


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